Great song


Beatboxing dogs

Go here for beatboxing dogs WOOF
Looks like making your own music online can only be done when you is a big company with lots of cash to splash.

Muxtape reopening at the service of bands, which is shame, it was such a great place to discover music, now all we’ll get is adolescent whining.

They should make one for girlfriends…

…that gym you joined after New Year and all the rest.

One day, oh one day

Great site plotting progress and popularity of viral videos.Quite interesting to see that most of them aint ads.

Viral Video Chart

I like to fuck things up

Great write up of a seminar given by Jeff Kling recently appointed ECD of W+K Amsterdam

Getting ready for tonight

The day Facebook died

The day Facebook died

by: Ross Mc Currach – 11-12-2007 23:02

I used to enjoy going over my friends little blurbs, that little snippet letting me know what was going on in his life, just to reassure me, that if one day I met him in a station, a bar or an office I would know that he was now with that girl, had that job,what he would look like and that it was his birthday two days later.

Now to just leave him a little message, I saw you from the bus/car/metro, and that we should have a drink one day;I have to go down what even the most amateur webdesigner would consider to long to scroll, finding out on the way that he is now a vampire, that he has a sparkly ginger bread man growing out of a pot,that he must really be into viral,that there are aboutĀ  250 email adresses that I’m not allowed to accept and that 2 people have voted him most sexy.

The day Facebook died,

was the day they permitted third-party applications.

It like so many other web apps has grown too fast too soon and out of control. The advent of advertising on Facebook was heralded as its continuing viability and that Facebook was there to stay.It came too late. Amidst the information we receive daily from a facebook profile it is no longer possible to discernĀ  clear content, therefore a brand. People are getting wary of apps, people are getting weary of messages from Facebook and therefore losing confidence in the system. Causing them to stop visiting each others profiles users are now “hiding” in Facebook. Watching videos on the home page and reading private messages, no longer the click through effect that they had hoped for.

I think a little lesson that web developpers, planners, all involved on social projects like facebook have to learn is don’t be greedy, if your system is good we’ll continue to go and we will more importantly stay.And we’ll wait for you to put together a system so that your business is a profitable one. Google applied that technique, Msn too.

(I’m writing this from the continent where I can’t get any of the industry mags other than my local ones so if this week’s campaign headline was that please feel free to insult and moralise me)

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